änergy Wheel of Chaos

crazy Teambonding Game show
änergy Wheel of CHaos

This 5-star team bonding game is designed for the most sporting, fun-loving and hilarious teams out there who are game for any challenge. teams will compete in totally weird questions for the chance to send pranks to other teams.

On the flip side, there is a chance that they themselves could still end up doing the forfeit that they just sent away.

Absolutely outrageous!

• Run in a game-show style, participants answer general knowledge questions to accumulate points and for the chance to spin the wheel

• special bonuses, pranks and negative points await them as teams take their chances at the wheel

• Depending on the outcome of the spin, teams may win bonuses, complete a task or send pranks to opponent teams

• Learning Values
- Recognize and appreciate that people are unique individuals with different strengths and abilities
- Importance of encouraging one another especially when coping with setbacks
- Creating a positive team bonding environment where everyone lets their hair down and laugh their hearts out

Duration: 1hr to 3 hrs
Venue: Indoor
Equipment Required: indoor, with lcd projector and screen
Group size: 20 to 300 Physical Rating: very low to low
Ideal For: Indoor teambuilding, team bonding, leadership training, dinner & dance