änergy Paramount Conquest

Leadership Teambuilding board game
änergy Paramount Conquest

Time is a precious commodity in this ‘real-time’ board game developed inhouse, where teams have to plan their journey to and from a mountain via a choice of 4 inter-linked routes. Their mission—to harvest the resources found at the peak of the mountain.

In their quest to reach and return from the mountain, the teams have to brave daily weather conditions, mountain bandits and manage their resources in a race against time. Elements of chance, prudent planning and team dynamics come into play on this exhilarating journey. The winning team is determined by the amount of resources harvested at the end of the journey - that is, if they manage to make it back in time! at the end of the activity, a debrief will be conducted for all the teams to expound on the learning points behind the game.

Learning Values

- planning is vital for success
- importance of time management and optimal resource allocation
- every team member plays a crucial role, and teamwork is vital in order to advance
- delegation is essential to be effective
- members should learn to take initiative, be proactive and be able to cover each other’s duties
- heeding the advice of predecessors

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Venue: Indoor Only
Equipment Required: LCD Projector and Screen + 2 extra tables
Group Size: 500 persons below
Physical rating: Low
Ideal for: Leadership training, Collaborationg, Team Building